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Inaugral Auckland IGDA Student Chapter meeting tonight

Just thought I’d mention the IDGA (International Game Developers Association) Auckland Student Chapter information night tonight. The full announcement is here.


Controlling source with subversion

I left my CVS server behind after switching from Linux to Windows (to learn DirectX). I never like to be without source code version control for very long. Although I’m working solo on my game projects I sometimes break my code and it’s handy to be able to revert to a working version and see what exactly changed at 2am in the morning. Subversion 1.0 was released around the time I was thinking of installing CVS again so I thought I’d give it a go.

The Subversion project have taken CVS and redesigned out many of its flaws, like being able to rename files. I was also attracted to it because of it’s ability to operate over WebDAV using an Apache module. There is a nice Windows client called TortoiseSVN which integrates into Windows Explorer.

Getting Subversion up and running was reasonably straight forward. So far I’ve been happy with it although I haven’t done anything complicated with it so far. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to use my subversion server from school, probably because our proxy server doesn’t support the HTTP methods that Subversion requires.