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Toying with Eclipse CDT

Eclipse is an Open Source IDE written in Java. It’s developed by the Eclipse foundation, which was founded by Borland, IBM, Rational, the list goes on. In short it’s backed by some very big players in the IT industry. While Eclipse’s is main focus is Java, it has been designed with adding support for any language in mind. There is a C/C++ Development Toolkit (CDT) plugin, which is what I’m interested in.

I tried out Eclipse 2 with CDT late last year when I was working on a personal game development project. At that point in time I found the C++ development environment a little buggy and switched to KDevelop (I was coding on Linux at the time). More recently I’ve been checking out the latest development version of Eclipse 3.0M8 and CDT 2.0M8. I must say they are looking very promising, but for me they aren’t quite there yet. On the plus side, the code assit, class outline views, and interactive debugging look great. On the downside the managed builder user interface is confusing as hell and I really don’t want to write my own makefiles. For the moment I’ll be sticking with Dev-C++, but the Eclipse project is one to watch, especially when they start to add features like refactoring support to the CDT.