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Screenshots from year one game dev assignment

I’ve finally got around to posting some screenshots from the end of year one assignment for my Game Development Diploma. The project was completed in groups of 4 and combined work from previous assignments we had worked on seperately. We had just under two weeks to put it all together so there was a fair bit of time pressure.

The assignment was to create an world with a general case terrain, 10 buildings and 5 patrols containing 6 tanks. The enemy tanks patrolled the world, the player patrols tried to blow everything up.

Everything was written in C++, DirectX was used for graphics, input and sound. We used ODE for our collision & physics.

This was a programming assignment but the artists on the course kindly provided us with models to put into our world. The skybox was borrowed from Call of Duty.

So without further ado here are some screenshots, click on a thumbnail to view the full-size image.

Blowing up one of my own tanks!
Blowing up one of my own tanks! The explosion contains multiple animated billboards and 3 different particle effects.

Still exploding
The same explosion a few frames later. A force has been added through the physics system to throw the tank into the air.

Two patrols engage in combat
The player patrol engages an enemy patrol. Some tanks have taken a few hits already and are billowing smoke.

Take that enemy AI
The battle rages on, the terrain is being lit-up by the explosions.

Buena Vista
A view of the buildings the player has to destroy on the other side of the harbour.

A patrol crosses the bridge
A patrol crosses the harbour bridge.

Take that Media Design School!
The player patrol blows up the Media Design School building.

A precursor to the final assignment
A precursor to the final assignment. The terrain is randomly generated and shaded by creating a static shade map texture.