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The Goliath Project

Here is some of the concept art for the game demo we are developing in our Game Development class at Media Design School. The game being made by our whole class of 5 artists and 7 programmers. We are aiming to produce a single playable level by the end of the course in May 2005.

The game is currently titled ‘Goliath’. It is a third person vehicle action game set in a post-apocalyptic world. ‘Goliath’ takes road warriors in the style of Mad Max and pits them in a battle of survival against the monolithic force of the Goliath tank.

The game is targeting PC. We are indending to create single player and LAN multiplayer co-operative game modes for the demo.

The following concept screenshots were created in Photoshop by the class artists. The models were made in Maya, rendered and brought into Photoshop to produce the final image.

A heavy vehicle concept
The Dust Maker – A heavy vehicle concept.

An in game screen concept
An in-game screen concept including the player’s vehicle and a Road Warrior ally.

Meet the Goliath
Meet the Goliath! another in-game screen concept.

A light vehicle concept
The Razor – a light vehicle concept.