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Pass with distinction

I just received my results from school, I passed my Graduate Diploma of Game Development with distinction. Yay!


Austria != Australia

I’ve always heard the rumours that many Americans have bad geography. Today I found some hard evidence! I sumbled upon a site that does creates visual trace routes from your IP address a choice of international networks. I chose the Australian network Optus as I wanted to see if me route went direct to Oz or took some round-about route via the US. Imagine my suprise when my route didn’t even go to Australia at all but instead went straight to the centre of Europe!

Where is Australia again?

They did get the country name correct on the map but still, they seem a bit confused. Let me see where the Australian Broadcasting Corporation is hosted. Look at that, Austria again. Those Austrians are doing a roaring trade in hosting Australian websites aren’t they!

Rediscover the web

I’ve been a long time Mozilla Firefox user. So far, I haven’t tended to pimp my prefered browser, at least not on my blog. I’ve never been a fan of sites that say “Best viewed with X browser”, even though my site does look better in Firefox and other standards based browsers than it does in Internet Explorer because I’m using CSS that IE does not yet support. However recently a few things I’ve discovered have made me change my mind, I’ve decided to become an online Firefox pusher.

Me and a few million other people have know for a long time that Firefox is simply a better browsing experience that the dominant Internet Explorer. But the thing that makes me want to get on my soapbox and shout about it is this:

stumbleupon toolbar

StumbleUpon is a free extension for Firefox that helps you locate, or rather stumble upon, content-rich sites that are relevant to your interests. Once installed you get a StumbleUpon toolbar in Firefox, you can rate a site as “I like it!” or “Not-for-me”, clicking the “Stumble!” button will forward you to a new site based on the recommendations of other Stumbers with similar tastes to your own.

Using StumbleUpon has really taken me back to when I first started web surfing in 1996, when I used to keep browsing through random sites wondering if I’d ever manage to see them all. StumbleUpon has given the web new life for me. Now I just keep on stumbling to see what I’ll find next.

That reason is I’ve decided to go with the “Rediscover the web” Firefox button on my site.

Get Firefox!

Note: As it turns out, StumbleUpon is also available for IE. There are a tonne of other reasons to choose Firefox though…


After 18 months of study it’s all over, I am a student no more. Class finished on Friday the 27th of May, we handed in Goliath the previous Sunday. The team is pretty happy with the results and hopefully our tutors will be too.

We’ve started putting a site together pimping Goliath. The url is Visit the site to check out the latest screenshots and a QuickTime trailer for the game. You can also download the game demo installer and see it for yourself.


So now it’s time to enter the real world and find a job…