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Paris Hilton hardcore gamer?

While visiting recently I noticed an article they had on Paris Hiltons attendance at the Microsoft Xbox 360 launch. Gamebrink recall seven more Paris-game related events:

1. She was at the XBOX 360 party and took one home with her
2. She was at the Gamecube party and took one home with her
3. She was at the Gameboy Micro party and took one home with her
4. She was at a Playstation 2 lounge party
5. She was featured in a press release for the XBOX
6. She was at a party for Soul Caliber 2
7. She was seen carrying a Playstation Portable
8. There is a Paris Hilton Nintendo DS at the Nintendo store in New York

Could it be that Paris Hilton is the most high profile grrl gamer in the world or is this a cunning marketing ploy to popularise gaming with fashion conscious young women?


Goliath wins awards

OK this is old news now but it’s about time I blogged about it. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Goliath had selected as a finalist for a couple of different awards. The results are now out (and have been for weeks!).

Goliath won silver at Crowbar Awards, the highest award for the Interactive Games catagory.

TUANZ (e)-vision Awards At TUANZ (e)-vision Awards Goliath recieved the Craft Award for interactive media displaying expertise in specific areas of development.

We’re also entered in the AGDC and IGF game competitions.