GripShift for PLAYSTATION®3

I’ve been working on GripShift for PS3 for a while now. Development is all wrapped up for the US version which should be released very soon now.

GripShift for PLAYSTATION®3

So far there announcement has been covered by IGN, Eurogamer, Computer & Video Games, Kotaku & Destructoid. There’s a fair bit of discussion about the features that are in the game on this NeoGaf thread. Sony’s website has more information and screenshots.

Below is the official press release.

GripShift® Is Speeding Onto The PlayStation® Network As A Downloadable Title


Wellington, New Zealand – December 20, 2006


GripShift® is a re-mix of the award-winning original specially redesigned
for e-Distribution (EDI) through the PlayStation®Network. Running at
60fps, GripShift will come to life on the PLAYSTATION®3 computer
entertainment system in unbelievable high-definition at 720p. Featuring
totally enhanced HD graphics, refined gameplay and four player online
multiplayer for $9.99.


Digital Download Deluxe: Experience a re-mix of the award-winning original
specifically redesigned for e-Distribution through the PlayStation®Network.

Original Combination of Genres: Stunt Driving, Platform-Action and
Puzzle-Solving genres combine to offer the ultimate driving experience.

Vibrant 3D Environments in HD: Navigate through roller-coaster style tracks
and four themed worlds (Desert, Jungle, Ice and Horror) that come alive with
brilliant 3D HD graphics at 720p 60fps stunning lighting and dynamic visual

All-new Gameplay and Content: Improved vehicle handling provides more
responsive controls while new game content includes 125+ new and re-mixed
levels, 25 race tracks, and an enhanced music soundtrack.

Puzzle-like Challenges: Multiple routes, short-cuts, loops, jumps, ramps,
power-ups and dangers to avoid will challenge the most skilled drivers

For more information visit



GripShift® is slated for release late December/early January

UPDATE: The official website is now live.


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