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In the press

I haven’t written anything here in ages so I thought I could mention some of the press coverage we’ve been getting. First, Goliath was on the cover disc of the February issue of PC Gamer UK. We’ve had a lot of very positive feedback from readers so it’s been great exposure for Goliath. Also in February, UK based Retro Gamer magazine did a Quazatron story which included a link to and screenshot from my (still unfinished) Quazatron remake. Thanks to Matthew Smith for pointing that out to me. More recently we’ve been contacted by a journalist who was writing an article on Goliath for Austrailan based PC Powerplay magazine and Portugal based Mega Score magazine who are going to include Goliath on their April issue’s cover disk.


Goliath interview on TekTime Radio

I was recently interviewed about Goliath on the TekTime Radio show. TekTime is a a specialist show about computers technology on Victorian radio station 97.1FM 3MDR. The interview is available here in mp3 format from the TekTime website.

Goliath wins at IGF

Goliath has been selected as a winner in the 2006 Independent Games Festival Student Showcase. We were one of two winners selected from 17 international entries in the middleware-based game category. So some of us will be off to GDC in March to show off our game 🙂

Independent Games Festival 2006 Winner

The Independent Games Festival was established in 1998 to encourage innovation in game development and to recognize the best independent game developers. The IGF Student Showcase is one of three competitions in this year’s Independent Games Festival. Ten outstanding Student Showcase winners were selected to be displayed at Game Developers Conference in San Jose this March.

Gamasutra – 2006 IGF Student Showcase Winners Announced

Goliath wins awards

OK this is old news now but it’s about time I blogged about it. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Goliath had selected as a finalist for a couple of different awards. The results are now out (and have been for weeks!).

Goliath won silver at Crowbar Awards, the highest award for the Interactive Games catagory.

TUANZ (e)-vision Awards At TUANZ (e)-vision Awards Goliath recieved the Craft Award for interactive media displaying expertise in specific areas of development.

We’re also entered in the AGDC and IGF game competitions.

Goliath in the news, up for awards

It’s been a long time since I posted something of note here. I could have posted about our second week in Japan, or moving to Wellington, or starting my new job. Maybe later, for today (and probably the next month) I’ll just mention a couple of Goliath tidbits. First, New Zealand Netguide printed an article on Goliath a couple of weeks back. Thanks Netguide!

More recently Goliath has been selected as a finalist in the TUANZ (e)-vision Awards in the Entertainment and Tertiary categories and the Singapore based Crowbar awards in the Games category.


After 18 months of study it’s all over, I am a student no more. Class finished on Friday the 27th of May, we handed in Goliath the previous Sunday. The team is pretty happy with the results and hopefully our tutors will be too.

We’ve started putting a site together pimping Goliath. The url is Visit the site to check out the latest screenshots and a QuickTime trailer for the game. You can also download the game demo installer and see it for yourself.


So now it’s time to enter the real world and find a job…

Nearly done now

Here are a couple more screen shots of the Goliath in battle. We have nearly finished the project now, our first beta will be complete on Friday and the Final game ready on the 20th of May.