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Sidhe presents Shatter

This week Wellington based Sidhe releases their second original game – Shatter for PlayStation 3, on the PlayStation Network.

Shatter is a fresh take on the retro brick breaking genre made popular in the 70’s & 80’s by Breakout and Arkanoid. Shatter features innovative controls, physics effects, power-ups, special attacks, and boss battles.

There’s already been some great coverage in the gaming press, including 1UP, IGN and PlayStation Blog.

Shatter will be released worldwide on the 23rd of July for US$7.99 and NZ$9.90.

For more information visit the Shatter website and forums.


GripShift online leaderboards

Over the last few weeks I’ve been working on online high score tables for our PS3 game GripShift. We’ve now made these live on the official GripShift website. Building our own leaderboard site means we’ve been able to provide GripShift players with information that is not available in game, like overall player rank. So know we can tell who is the best GripShift player in the world! Incidentally it’s a guy called GG2U who bought and completed the game the first week it was out, he’s got some youtube videos of him pulling off some insane moves. Now the leaderboards are available online though others are seeking to end GG2U’s reign at the top.

In other GripShift news the boffins in the marketing department have uploaded a new trailer to youtube just in time for the European launch. HD trailer downloads are coming soon.

Wii News Channel Launches

I just updated my Wii to access the newly launched Wii News Channel. The top headline for New Zealand today: “New Zealand declares National Lamb Day”.

The country is finally coming out of the closet to declaring their Lamb Love with a national day.

Agriculture Minister Jim Anderton stated, “New Zealanders had no reason to be embarrassed about their sheep … we hope all New Zealanders will recognise … this milestone and mark it by enjoying lamb for dinner on Feb. 15”.

Oh, we’re celebrating eating them then. Fuck off Jim I’m vegetarian.

GripShift for PLAYSTATION®3

I’ve been working on GripShift for PS3 for a while now. Development is all wrapped up for the US version which should be released very soon now.

GripShift for PLAYSTATION®3

So far there announcement has been covered by IGN, Eurogamer, Computer & Video Games, Kotaku & Destructoid. There’s a fair bit of discussion about the features that are in the game on this NeoGaf thread. Sony’s website has more information and screenshots.

Below is the official press release.

GripShift® Is Speeding Onto The PlayStation® Network As A Downloadable Title


Wellington, New Zealand – December 20, 2006


GripShift® is a re-mix of the award-winning original specially redesigned
for e-Distribution (EDI) through the PlayStation®Network. Running at
60fps, GripShift will come to life on the PLAYSTATION®3 computer
entertainment system in unbelievable high-definition at 720p. Featuring
totally enhanced HD graphics, refined gameplay and four player online
multiplayer for $9.99.


Digital Download Deluxe: Experience a re-mix of the award-winning original
specifically redesigned for e-Distribution through the PlayStation®Network.

Original Combination of Genres: Stunt Driving, Platform-Action and
Puzzle-Solving genres combine to offer the ultimate driving experience.

Vibrant 3D Environments in HD: Navigate through roller-coaster style tracks
and four themed worlds (Desert, Jungle, Ice and Horror) that come alive with
brilliant 3D HD graphics at 720p 60fps stunning lighting and dynamic visual

All-new Gameplay and Content: Improved vehicle handling provides more
responsive controls while new game content includes 125+ new and re-mixed
levels, 25 race tracks, and an enhanced music soundtrack.

Puzzle-like Challenges: Multiple routes, short-cuts, loops, jumps, ramps,
power-ups and dangers to avoid will challenge the most skilled drivers

For more information visit



GripShift® is slated for release late December/early January

UPDATE: The official website is now live.

Goliath wins at IGF

Goliath has been selected as a winner in the 2006 Independent Games Festival Student Showcase. We were one of two winners selected from 17 international entries in the middleware-based game category. So some of us will be off to GDC in March to show off our game 🙂

Independent Games Festival 2006 Winner

The Independent Games Festival was established in 1998 to encourage innovation in game development and to recognize the best independent game developers. The IGF Student Showcase is one of three competitions in this year’s Independent Games Festival. Ten outstanding Student Showcase winners were selected to be displayed at Game Developers Conference in San Jose this March.

Gamasutra – 2006 IGF Student Showcase Winners Announced

Rugby League 2 Number One

I just thought I’d talk up my place of employment a bit as the game they (I say they rather than we because I didn’t work on it) just released has leaped straight to number one in the Australian game sales charts.

Those Aussies sure love their League!

Finally, I have entered the world of digital photography

Auckland's Sky Tower on a cloudy night

I recently brought a digital camera in preparation for our trip to Japan. It’s been raining here in Auckland ever since I got it, dashing my hopes of getting some good pics of the city before I move south again. Still, I managed to get this one of the Sky Tower shrouded in cloud.